Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Character Designs

There are many things you need to do before making a comic book, and some of them are designing characters, writing scripts, and laying out layouts. Because I am going to do a page a day, I can't do any character designs as well. Thats why the work doesn't begin in 2011, it really begins now.

Design for Zach (not complete)
I drew the main character first, of course. His name is Zach and he is the owner of a superhero shop, where the superheroes buy all of their outfits, weapons, and stuff. But what the superheroes doesn't know is that he has another side to him, sort of like Dr. Jekkell (or however you spell it).
And that side sells to the villains. The size comparison shows his other side Hcaz size compared with him. When he becomes Hcaz he bulks up and becomes meaner, and more likable to the villains.

The different stores, The Super Store and Evil 4 Sale are back to back, continuing with the yin/yang theme.
Thats about the only design I've made so far and liked, so thats about it.

-- Tsitra563