The store owner of the super store!
He can be a little stern at times, but inside is a heart of gold!

Thanks to Lightning Bug, he even has his own personal clone!


A mysterious villain, Hcaz appeared a short while ago out of nowhere...

Lightning Bug

A dorky hero wannabe that hangs out at Zach's shop all the time.

His favorite drink is Hero Juice. He also is responsible for Zach having a clone.

The Hypnotist

The Hypnotist can levitate up to twelve feet in the air, draw objects to her
with her mystic voodoo magic, and can also hypnotize anyone she pleases.


Toss, like Lightning Bug, is a hero wannabe, but he goes about other
means of getting his supplies. Basically a criminal, Toss will
join either side, if one side just gives him a shove.

Thumbs-Up Man

Annoying, infuriating, and exasperating, Thumbs-Up Man has the power
to make people dumb with his one touch of his magic "fingah."

The Imp

The Imp is the rival of Sonic Cheep, but he currently works for Hcaz as a


Throbal uses Dark Magic, and is a rival of The Hypnotist.
Throbal's main power stems from his unbreakable crystal ball.

Big Fist

Big Fist can make his hands grow to a whopping five feet.
He uses this ability to crush opponents, make the ground shake,
and even more.

Stranger in Black

Stranger in Black has the advantage of being made up of nothing but
reverse energy.
He can reverse a whole persons body so that they are the complete
opposite of themselves. Unfortunately, it takes a great deal of power
to do that sort of thing.

Time Lord

Time Lord controls time by whirling the hands on his clock collar.
He is the enemy of Green Alien.

Green Alien

Small and weak looking, Green Alien doesn't look like much of a hero
until he's backed into a corner with no place to run.
Then he transforms into his huge hulking form, a force to be
reckoned with indeed.


A hero with questionable honor, Firelord controls fire from special holes
in his suit.

Dr. Staher

Dr. Staher seems to do nothing but tell Zach to wait until he gets out
of the hospital.

... Until another patient needs the room of course.


Nitrobeam belongs to an organization of heros. He likes Toss enough
to back him up when Toss gets into tight spots.

Thorntax and the Happy Movers

Before becoming a foreman, Thorntax was a villain who could control plants by sheer will power. He was constantly trashing Zach's store and leaving dirt everywhere. When he finally decided to retire, he gave Zach the flowers in Zach's window. It's a shame Zach doesn't know a thing about gardening.


An alien, Octodoom is the main antagonist of Green Alien.
His powers are similar, having come from the same planet.