Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day 4 - Page 4

Day 4 means Page 4, and thats what this is! Ah, what a nice page. For once, a different layout, which is nice. But enough of that! Its time for...

OK, heres a major technical dilemma: In the middle panel, the big one, Zach was actually too big, so I only had room to draw his head. That meant that he looked ridiculous, so I scaled his head down, copied a body from a different Zach elsewhere in the page,  and scaled the body down, and then did some tricky stuff to attach the head to the body. Then I saved it to a compressed layer format, and colored it in.

Now for...

Yay! So you will notice some very nice shading is going on. I have shade on Zach's skin color, and shading on Big Fist. Note how the background isn't shaded, but you don't really notice it until I say so.

Thats all for shading now for...

Here is the page WITHOUT balloons, captions or anything in Comic Life, just straight from Corel.

You will notice that most of the artwork has to be cut off in Comic Life.
Its probably because the lines from the "panels" in my page are in the way. Oh well, no fixing that.

Anyway, thats about all this week, we won't come to The Vision for a while and The Age Old Debate can wait for tomorrow's post. And now, I'm hungry. I didn't eat breakfast yet.

Bye for now!
- Tsitra563