Friday, January 21, 2011

Day 20 - PAGE 20!

YAAAY! PAGE 20! Okay, so this page looks pretty good. It has the most panels of any page so far. Which is pretty cool. And, this page is a good place for... THE REVISIONS! Now, I noticed some grammatical and spelling errors, not to mention just plain rotten speech sometimes. So I changed a goodly number of things. All of these things shall be fixed in the slideshow. In fact, I'm revising the slideshow a little, so its completely up to date.

Also, around this blog I'm going to be putting up some minor revisions as well as in the comic. That aside, it's time for...

Unfortunately, in this page I do not have shading. So sorry about that, but I was really trying to pay attention to detail and I was too worn out by the end of it all that I didn't do the shading. Sorry, its my fault, and I should have done something wiser.

Nice and highly detailed! You will notice that in the second panel its sort of in a frame. That is because I did a sneaky trick which I will explain in...

Okay, here is my sneaky trick: In order to get out of redrawing the shop I only drew the open door and Lighting Bug in the second panel. Later, in Corel, I cut that part out roughly and used the Magic Wand tool to make the edges format to the shape I wanted. I then copied the colored shop from panel one, stuck it under Lightning Bug in panel two, and then colored Lightning Bug in. It was much simpler then me drawing and coloring the whole shop all over again just for the second panel. Everything else I draw again.

I have decided that BOOM!Kids is definitely the place for me to go when looking for possible publishers. Maybe it will end up in the slush pile, but maybe not. We will see.

And that is all for today! See you!
- Tsitra563