Monday, January 3, 2011

Day 3 - Pages 2 and 3

Well, I'm back on the good old computer!
And guess what... Two more pages!
Yay! I bet you're glad you aren't doing this.
OK, anyway, we have our main characters' name mentioned, and we have our first little "Store Problem." Big Fist can't find his hero-statis podlink. You will notice that Big Fist's logo, "BF" can also be interpreted as "Best Friend." I probably will incorporate this into the story at some point.
Ah... The shading. How nice it looks. OK, enough of that. Now to...

OK, there were a few technical issues with these two pages. The first is, I messed up a panel.
So I had to add a panel to the other page and move up all the other panels on the page to get things even.
Also, my coloring got a little lousy on these two, mostly, I guess, cause I didn't do the Brightness and Contrast right. You will also notice Zach's eyes in the first panel of the second page look off slightly. Thats because I had to redraw one. And in the second panel of the second page, the aisle thing, (cabinet? product holder? shelf?) is completely out of perspective (Not that anything isn't!).

Now for...

OK, last time I bailed out on this one, but it has to be solved at some point, so...
Yes, I am going to have to run around like a chicken on fire after I finish this comic trying to sell to publishers. I am not well known, and I am not very old, and plus I don't have burrowing eyes and a long beard, so you can tell already nobody will be impressed by me. So the fact remains, which publisher?
Well... Maybe I'll try Tokyopop first. They do lots of graphic novels. If not I may have to try some small time, unofficial, small business that nobody knows. Hmm or BOOM!Kids maybe. I'm not sure. But what I can be sure of is that this blog is going to have 365+ posts on it after I finish. :P
OK, thats all for now. Have fun! Look out!

-- Tsitra563