Friday, March 4, 2011

Day 63 - Page 63

Ha ha! I love this page. Mr. Thumbs Up Man is so dumb he can make any panel funny.

Anyway, so a group of people read the comic so far and liked it, which always gives me a sort of moral boost, and at the same time, inner self doubt. Why? Because even though they liked it, I still know there are major errors, mistakes, badly drawn panels, and the like. It doesn't matter that most people wouldn't do this kind of thing at my age. It doesn't matter that most people can't come up with a plot like this and stick to it without going crazy. All of these things don't matter to me.

I don't care that "most people" can't do this, who is "most people"? I don't know them.
Comparing me to "most people" doesn't give me any support whatsoever. So I don't. I compare it to a well thought out comic that I like, and each time it fails. My drawings are to simple, my color to bland, I skimp on shading. I try to do my best, but some days I can't.
I don't meet deadlines, etc. etc. etc. on and on and on.
I think about this every time I do a page.
I finally decided the best way to let it out was to write it out. So that's what i did.
Thanks for bothering to read to this sentence, have a nice day, oh, and Page 70 is only seven pages away!

-- Tsitra563.