Friday, March 11, 2011

Day 70 - Pages 69 and 70

Well, I admit it. I goofed. All day long yesterday I did everything except work on the Page a Day. But it also means I have two pages for you today, plus tomorrow is the LAST PAGE OF PART 2!

So let me talk a little about the next part before I get started on these two pages.
First of all, Thieves focuses on basically the whole Hcaz/Zach thing. After Lightning Bug does some snooping around in Hcaz's and nearly gets caught, I'm going to have him depart from the comic for a while because we are seeing so much of him that it's driving me batty. The new characters to be talking to Zach are probably going to be The Hypnotist, Thumbs Up Man and Sonic Cheep, (the weird monkey used for comic relief on Page 53).

Now, for the pages themselves. We have some very good Lightning Bug poses here, I guess I wanted to see him in something other then just his hands at his sides. In fact, I think my favorite drawing of Lightning Bug in the whole comic has to be the one in Panel 2 of Page 69.
Zach also gets to be up close so that you can see him easier. I thought of making Lightning Bug slightly blurry but that would obscure the nice pose. Ah well, perhaps sometime later in the comic.

Anyway, that's about all for today's page.

-- Tsitra563.