Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Day 111 - Pages 110 and 111

The Introduction of -- FIREBUG!
(Unfortunately, the name Firefly was already taken --  by a certain villain).
He is Lightning Bug's soon-to-be arch nemesis, and he works for Sly.

Firebug is an interesting character. For one thing, I made him up just as I was drawing the comic.
I thought, what if it isn't Lightning Bug? Well it would have to be someone like him then.
I drew the two pages with great excitement, however I realized afterwords that in the previous page I had shown "Lightning Bug"'s face and the colors didn't match! (Sigh, if this was only a black and white comic). So I had to go back to the page with the wrong colors and fix it.
Now everything's fine. :D

-- Tsitra563.