Friday, July 1, 2011

Day 185 - Pages 184 and 185

Well, well well! It appears that I am all caught up and even a bit ahead! :O
It's too bad I couldn't end this part sooner. : /
So, I decided to split the year into two volumes, each with five parts. Cool eh? That way it will be easier for me to print it out later when I'm done with it. Ahem hem hem. So let me think here.
On the 27 caught up partially. I was SUPPOSED to do five pages. I only did TWO. On the the 28, I did two pages, one for the day and one to make up for my three missed pages. I then only needed to make up for TWO more pages. The day after, I did two, today I did two.

Why I thought I needed to do an extra one today, I don't know but it will come in handy tomorrow. :P

-- Tsitra563.

PS: The cover of the second volume isn't complete yet but I'll get to it soon.