Monday, August 15, 2011

The Super Store Trading Cards!

Ha ha! What do you think?!?!


Here's how it works!

Shuffle the deck. Six cards each. Put the card on the top of your draw pile down, and flip it over. Look at your deck secretly. Let's say the card that you flipped over is a Lightning Bug 6. If you have a Hcaz 10, you can put it over the Lightning Bug. If you have a Lightning Bug 6 too,  you draw a card from your draw pile, and if it's a Hero you win, and get to keep all the cards on the stage, and if it's a villain you lose and have to give your deck to the other player. You then draw a new deck.

If the Draw Pile runs out then if there's a Hero on top of the pile at that moment, the youngest keeps the cards on the stage, if not, then the oldest. If the older runs out of cards, it's game over for him! (or her).

I'll keep adding cards to this blog soon, but in the meantime, feel free to draw your own!

-- Tsitra563.