Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Day 258 - Page 258

I think I've only had to catch up once this week. :)
Anyway, we find out what Sly's ability is! :D

By the way, last part had 37 pages. I just couldn't fit in the cliffhanger in time. I thought I had two more pages to go until the end and it turned out I only had one! :(
Ah well, at least I know this comic will have 365 pages when it's finally complete. :D

Anyway, now it's time for...
(Why do I call it The Vision?! I do not know...)

As you can see, I've changed the typefaces to more reasonable ones. 
The reason I changed it was that a typeface named "Armalite Rifle" didn't seem like a typeface one would use for a comic about superheroes. :P
The new typeface is called "SF Juggernaut." :)

Oh yes, I changed the typefaces for all the part headers, but I haven't bothered to take pictures and replace the pages in the slideshow yet. Just so ya know. ;)

-- Tsitra563.