Monday, October 3, 2011

Day 278 - Pages 277 and 278

These pages are some of the best work I've turned out so far, especially Page 277. :)

Anyhoo, who is this weird shadowy guy who is the "Ultimate Boss"?
Well, look down below at the Bios section and see! ;)


Moonbeam's power mainly comes from the moon. He can turn any room instantly dark, and can also ride moonbeams and throw moon rocks that expand as they travel. He is the arch-nemesis of Sunwish.


Rogi is the guy sitting next to Rocktitan's clone, (sorry, I don't have a picture -_- ), and his main power is that he can build ANYTHING. He's also kind of a suck-up.


This rather tiny glimpse of Eyeball isn't enough to see all of him, but if you look closely, you can tell he has an eyeball for a head. He has the ability of foresight, and can predict the movements of his opponents in advance.


Parasite gives infectious diseases to anyone who crosses him. 


Nightmare is a ruthless and extremely dangerous criminal. Not only does Nightmare possess the ability to make people fall asleep, but he can enter their minds and destroy them from the inside.
Nightmare prefers to be in the background, arranging the criminals he employs like pawns on a chess board.

Now that THAT'S over, it's time for The Bare Bones!

Tomorrow: MORE awesomeness!

-- Tsitra563.