Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Day 362 - Page 362

The second page of the Final Five, with special guests Nitrobeam and Bob and Joe!

The new shading technique I use involves creating a new layer especially for shading, making my pen tool the color black, and lowering the transparency of the layer. That way, I can draw over any surface and it will be a darker version of the color beneath it. I then draw out shapes of where I want the shading, being sure to stay close to the lines of the characters. My old way of shading was drawing directly on the canvas, which was more efficient, but looked slightly worse.

Here is nothing but the blocks of shading for this page, which looks very pretty indeed.

In the original version of this page, I drew Zach's face horribly wrong in Panel 4, but there wasn't any space to draw a new Zach in the same panel. Luckily for me, in order to faithfully draw Nitrobeam, (I wasn't about to draw Nitrobeam wrong on Page 362!), I had printed out the page he first appeared in. I drew Zach on it, and scanned both in, then swapped my messed up Zach for the other one. Whew!

Zach looks a little TOO happy in Panel 4 if you ask me, but that seems to be the only thing slightly wrong with this page-- that and the fact that when you're in a window, your face doesn't turn blue, it remains the same color it was, with a blue tint. It's a shame I didn't remember that sooner, since now it's impossible to fix.

-- Tsitra563.