Friday, December 31, 2010

Almost Time!

One day away to the time I start making my comic. :D
The way its going to work is that I will have a very light pencil sketch of where I want everything in the scene. I will then use varieties of pens to achieve a "layering thickness" effect. I will then scan the result, color it in Corel Painter, and then move the image to Comic Life.

Because I only have 111.1 megabyte space on my disk, I will need to clear up some stuff.
So excuse me for a minute while I do so.


OK, back!

Anyway, I have figured out that 365 divided by 5 equals 73, which is how long each story in my volume is going to be. The only plots I have are the ones in my head. I plan to take the story as far as I can go each day, and I also plan to put tons of detail into it. Anyway, thats about all I can do now. Note that I may show pencil to pen to color to finished page only on pages that seem to need a more detailed study.
I hope this is as fun for you as it SHOULD BE for me. :P

Now my favorite part... The Vision! In order for you to understand it when I show you pages of my WIP comic, as I am making it, I must tell you the plot of each part of this volume.
Also, I might be able to rig up a little slideshow somewhere on this blog where you will be able to see the whole comic. But, until then... I only have... THE VISION!
OK, here goes.

Hey that was easy. Oh, duh! I wrote that a while ago! Its the synopsis for the first story in the volume!
Anyway, now that you know the plot, I can proceed as planned.
Have fun reading, and look out for that slideshow! :D

-- Tsitra563