Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 5 - Page 5

So here we have the new page for Day # 5!
Zach looks up and sees...
A big line of customers!
The first one is Lightning Bug. You will notice Lightning Bug has changed from a big hulking superhero to a wimpy, scaredy cat. That is because, later he becomes the bigger, hulking version of himself. But that is later, so I won't give anything away.

We also have some "THUMP"s.  These thumps are coming from outside, where, as Zach correctly guesses in the last panel of this page, a superhero battle is going on with a giant metal worm monster and Mr. Iam Awesume. Unfortunately, Mr. Iam Awesume is hurt and one of the superheros in the line at Zach's shop has to come out.

Mistakes happen all the time. For instance, notice Zach's shirt. For the first few pages he has a long sleeved shirt and a dark grey tie. In a few others, he has a weird collar and a tie. Here, he has neither, instead having a t-shirt!


Anyway, thats pretty much it for today!

- Tsitra563