Friday, January 7, 2011

Day 7 - Pages 6 and 7

Back on track! I sort of missed yesterday's page and had to do two today. Oh well... I'm all caught up now. Anyway, Time Lord vs. Green Alien. Yes, I changed things around. I tried to do a page with Mr. Iam Awesume and the Metal Worm and it didn't work out. So today I have two very nice pages with Green Alien and Time Lord. This also suggests another thing for me to do for Page 8 but I won't say what yet just in case things change.

And yes, miraculously Zach gets his tie back. Lightning Bug, Report and The Hypnotist get to be in another page all at once, (page 7, panel 4).  And here for the first time we see how Hynotist talks, putting a "b" in front of every word she says.

Anyway, thats all for today. Tomorrow I have some other things too... You'll see.

-- Tsitra563