Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Page 18 - Day 18

PAGE 18! Two more pages to go until 20.
Anyway, this is one strange page. There are two Zachs now?! But you probably can see why I did that. It means that Zach can be in the store when Hcaz (the other Zach) is in the other store. Plus the only one who knows there are two Zachs is Lightning Bug, and he is just about to have a case of amnesia. Heh heh heh. How convenient. Anyway, the other Zach also knows, but his secret is the same as Zach, so he can't tell anybody. Its really an amazing, genius... Nevermind. So, now for...

So... The copy gun's ray is achieved by using the glow modifier in Corel Painter, which creates the nice yellow glow effect I wanted. I'm sure it could be done in Photoshop, but for me Photoshop takes too long to load, and isn't worth the wait.

So there you have it! Page 18! Yay!

-- Tstra563