Monday, January 17, 2011

Page 16 and 17 - Day 17

So. Pages 16 and 17. Its Monday, so you get two pages! Whoopee! So anyway, about these pages. I have some humor going on with Lightning Bug, obviously. Zach seems to be pretty annoyed right now. 
I wanted some sort of focus on Bug, so I stuck him in. There is a bit after this that plays into the "The Bug" part. I'm thinking about putting a little, shorter, more gag-y comic at the end of this part instead of having it be a full 74 page part. I may do that for all the parts, too.

The "Hi-Yah" and "Wowza" are especially funny in the second page, mainly because of their odd placement and how enthused Lighting sounds. I'm not sure I like how Zach is drawn in both pages, though. He seems sort of weird looking, especially in the second page. But, it'll carry through.

Coming Up: A page with many many tiny panels! This will be fun...
Also: "Many Zachs"! The incident that made Zach mad!

Sounds like fun!
See you later.
- Tsitra563. (Oh by the way, did you notice the signature? Its "365Artist" backwards).