Monday, February 7, 2011

Day 38 - Page 37 and 38

Page 37. The end of Part 1.
Here we have the end of Part 1. I like it's abruptness. And that it doesn't say "The End" at the bottom.

Now, for my favorite part.

There you have it. THE NEW PART 2! Wait. Wasn't there another page that I had to do? OH RIGHT! I did do it!

There, I have a huge blowup of it. :D

Okay, so this is the beginning of the end for Toss. After the first 20 or so pages in this part, he turns super-villain. It's actually rather sad. Anyway, also in this part: Lighting Bug has a big battle! With none other then... [secret]!!!!!!! ISN'T IT AWESOME?!?!?!!? Oh wait. It's secret. Annnywaaaay, time for...

I chose page 37 for the Bare Bones because I like it a little better then page 38.

Now, get ready for... A COOL VIDEO for the end of PART 1!!!

Isn't it great?

Anyway, check back soon for page 39!!!

- Tsitra563