Saturday, February 5, 2011

Day 36 - Page 36

PAGE 36 !!! Normally I would end Part 1 here, but seeing as that would make a pretty lame ending, I'm going ONE MORE PAGE and taking out a page from PART 2, (like I said in the previous post).

Anyway, lots of panels, in fact, there are 10 PANELS! A new record.

Now for... 

Boy, we have not seen one of these in a while! Okay, for the shading, I have gone out of my way for. Really. It looks like two or three panels aren't shaded, (like for example the seventh panel), but actually they are. In Comic Life I cut it off, not intentionally of course.

So anyway the shading looks very very very impressive on this one.

Now for...

So, as I explained before I do coloring in Corel Painter. But there's more that I think is also important, that I should also probably tell you. When I scan in my drawings, to get them perfect for coloring, I use Brightness and Contrast a couple of times. 

I put the contrast up all of the way, and I put the Brightness down all of the way. Why?
Because it strengthens the black and pumps up the white, so that the scan looks perfect for coloring.

I also use the Adjust Color, and turn the saturation down.

I do that because usually there are some reds, blues, and even yellows lying around the drawing in random places after I use Brightness and Contrast, and Adjust Color gets rid of them.

After all of that, it's perfect for coloring and shading.

Notice Zach's eye in panel seven. Horribly slanted. I don't know why that looks bad, but it does. From now on, I'm going to make sure the upper half of his eye is completely straight.

That's it!
Have fun the day after tomorrow, because the fun has only begun.
-- Tsitra563.