Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Day 151 - Page 151

This is one of my favorite pages. Remember what I said about Lightning Bug's inner geek before? Well look what happens when his personality divides by five! :D

And now, the Top Five WORST Pages!

Do you know of pages that have one or two bad drawings of Zach? Probably. Do you know pages where the script could be better? Most likely you do. BUT, do you know pages where there are drawings so hideous you'd wonder why I let them slip past? Do you know pages that have such horrendous dialogue that it almost drops off the page?! Well, I do. Here they are.

No. 5

"Gasp! Stare!" What are they gasping at?! And what's up with Zach's nose?!

No. 4

Yawn. This page has a lot of panels, but it's tedious and shows how bad sometimes my writing can be.
Plus, what's up with Lightning Bug in panel six?!?! 

No. 3

'Nuff said.

No. 2

Zach's face in panels 6 and 7 give THIS page the high ranking of No. 2!

No. 1

"Splendidly"? Gosh, that's put badly.

There are many other pages like these, but these are some of my least favorites. Luckily, I'll go through all these pages sometime in 2012 and make them all better. :)

That's about all for today!

-- Tsitra563.