Monday, September 5, 2011

Day 250 - Pages 249 and 250

I've finally figured out who Lightning Bug really is. After 250 pages. :P
I think he is the fanboy gone wrong. The person who is so over-enthusiastic that it annoys others. 

I think that kind of over-obsessive geek is somewhere in all of us. It may or may not be something to be proud of. I'm pretty proud of it. THAT'S probably where Lightning Bug's persona came from.
Lightning Bug first appears in Page 10, where I made his personality "scaredy-cat."

This weird stuttering Lightning Bug with red in his color scheme went away around THIS page:

There's the Lightning Bug we know! But not the Zach we know in that fourth panel. I HAVE to redraw that sometime. You'll notice that Hypnotist's first appearance looks almost nothing like her second one, which is here:

You can tell I switched her hair for an easier-to-look at piece.
I could go on like this but I think I'll save it for now.

That's about all. :D
-- Tsitra563.